Team 501c
Team 501c
Sherene Rapoport

Welcome to Team 501c

To provide support in creating and implementing data driven strategies focused on growing revenue

Why You Should Join Me

I launched Team 501c to bring comprehensive data analytics to my clients while providing structure in using and implementing the actions gleaned from the data. 

I wanted to create a community that provided continuous learning, peer support, access to experts- while enabling members to bring the best of themselves forward! 

Let’s face it, as 501c professionals, what we do isn’t easy. Every organization is different and most of us don’t have any real formal training in what it takes to get our jobs done right. It’s not like we grew up saying, I want to work for non profits when I grow up! 

Most of us found ourselves into this world because we cared about something. Whether it was building community and connections to helping the world be a little better. From that idea, we realized that providing professional support wasn’t enough if we all wanted to truly succeed AND live healthy and happy lives. 

To truly get to the next level, we had to bridge the gap between personal and professional growth and learning while being accountable for our actions. Team 501c is that community, that platform where we can go to vent about life, or ask work related questions or just connect with others in the 501c community. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you to everyone who encourage me to pull this together!

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